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Pictured with 1st Edition: Jackson Walker
"From Homelessness to City of Champions Empowerment Co-Founder and Vendor Liaison"

Thank You to 100+ Men
Who Care Pittsburgh

On March 30th, 2023 City of Champions Empowerment was voted by 100+ Men Who Care Pittsburgh to receive the collective donations of their group! 

We are so grateful and so thankful that we were voted as the selected non-profit organization to be the beneficiary for the award! 

Thank you for everyone who came out to support and vote for The City of Champions Empowerment!  

This award is a game-changer for us and will ensure that we will be able to scale the impact that we've already been having here in our city.

100 Plus Ben Group Photo.HEIC

About Us / How We Help

Employ | Equip | Empower

City of Champions Empowerment is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to serving people experiencing homelessness in the Greater Pittsburgh Region. 


Our mission is to employ, equip, and empower individuals who have experienced homelessness by providing them with community, connections, resources, and support to earn a dignified income and create positive momentum in their lives.


Our street paper model provides a means of immediate and dignified income for our vendors, who sell professionally made magazines filled with positive local news, features of non-profits, events, stories about homelessness, profiles of individuals, art, and creative writing. 

Street Vendors are not employees rather they are completely independent, but they must abide by an agreed upon code of conduct. To get started, we provide 20 magazines at no-cost to the vendors which they can sell to the community for a suggested $5 donation. They keep 100% of the proceeds from sales.  If they choose to re-invest in additional magazines to sell, they pay 75 cents per additional magazine to sell which ensures that they have a vested interest in their success and that we can provide a sustainable model.


The street paper model has been successful in many cities worldwide, and we're committed to continuing to change lives in our community. If you're interested in learning more or getting involved, please reach out and visit our volunteer page to learn more.. 

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Street Paper Model

 The Street paper model is a non-profit model that uses newspapers or magazines as a means of providing employment and income to individuals experiencing homelessness or extreme poverty. Street Papers empower and equip individuals who are often marginalized by providing them with a legitimate means of earning an income, building self-esteem, and connecting with the community. The proceeds from sales go directly to the vendors, who keep any additional tips and contributions as well. 

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1800 Murray Ave, PO Box: 81155, Pittsburgh, PA 15217, USA


Thank you for reaching out!

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