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You Can Make a Difference


 If you are looking for a rewarding volunteer opportunity, come join us.

You can make a dramatic difference in the lives of people experiencing homelessness.


1) Editors: People that have experience with writing and would like to review articles submitted and provide edits/advice and or council about potentially controversial topics, etc. - It's important for us that the Magazine honors God (Christian Faith Based) and we want to have people to help us review and provide guidance and counsel regarding what we publish.


2) Advisory Board: These would be people that are interested in being a sounding board and providing ideas and insight regarding various initiatives that we pursue.


3) Outreach Volunteers: These would be people that want to interact with people in the community, distribute care kids, and share information about the ministry/magazine/organization.


4) Coordinators/Project Managers: These would be the very organized, get things done people who will help us take the ideas and see them to fruition.


5) Care Package Assemblers: These would be people that would take time to organize and collect donations and put them together into a care box that will be distributed by the Outreach Volunteers.


6) Ambassadors/Champions: These are people who want to dedicate themselves to sharing information about the organization and will help in various ways based upon the need and will help get the word out and contribute ideas.


7) Photographers: Someone with photography experience that would like to donate time and energy for times when we need to document the work to share to the supporters.


8) Social Media Team Volunteers: People who are experienced with Social Media and share information about the organization on a regular basis.


9) Graphic Designers: Someone with Graphic Design experience who wants to help share professional quality information about the organization and help with edits, etc.


10) Businesses: Generous organizations that want to support and partner with us where we can recognize them and their donation by featuring their business in our magazine.


11) Administrative/Volunteer Coordinators: Someone who is very organized and enjoys working with people who can help organize the volunteers


12) Financial Administrator: Someone who can help in a part-time basis organize the financial sheets, expenses, donations, etc. 


13) Contributor/Writer: Like to write, want to share something encouraging, tell an inspiring story, you can contribute to the magazine.


14) Connector: Would you like to advocate for the mission of the organization and would be happy with making some connections, we would love for you to be a connector to help get the word out.


15) Counselor: Have experience with counseling?  Want to help encourage people when they are having a hard time? We can use your help!


16) Training: Have experience with sales? Want to encourage people to get bought into the idea, maybe you can be a training volunteer!


17) Define your own role: Did we miss something? Have an idea of a way that you can help. We'd love that. Contact us below:

Contact Us / Get Involved

Thank you! We look forward to working with you!

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